Cutie Pie Baby Contest 2021

cute baby contest 2021

Cute Baby Contest 2021

Registrations open.

Voting Ends: 30th April 2021

Total prizes worth over Rs. 1 Lac to be won.

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Jai Ravi

Hi. I am jai Ravi.. My ?smile it’s the ?key that fits the ?lock of everybody’s ♥️Heart. I am 5 months old very happy to […]

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kids and baby photography

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Cute1 is a dream project started by a team of kids educators. We have over 15 years of experience each with expertise in polishing the skills and talent of kids.

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What are Baby Photo Contests and How are They Useful?

Baby photo contests are very popular now-a-days and children along with parents are showing equal interest in participating in such contests. Like the one – Cute Baby Contest 2021 that is currently going on.

Who doesn’t love to show their adorable little ones to the world? With their cute chubby cheeks and heartwarming smiles, babies win contests and get prizes home with their beauty and grace. Here is more to know about baby photo contests!

What is a Baby Photo Contest?

A baby photo contest is a contest or competition where in the parents/guardians can upload pictures of their babies and win prizes. The winner maybe decided by the judges or based upon number of likes and shares. Sometimes, these contests do have special themes if they are conducted for a specific festival or occasion. The prizes may be in terms of cash, goodies, coupons, etc.

Baby photo contests are fun for both parents and kids, but they sure involve some patience and hard work. If you plan the photoshoot right and keep some things in mind, winning such contests isn’t that difficult thing. Here are some things to keep in mind while participating for baby photo contests!

How to Dress Them up for a Baby Contest?

Well, first things first. The outfit you chose for your baby is what makes the most difference. If it is a theme-based contest, do some research to see how you can choose something out of the box. And make sure to choose the colors that look good on your child’s skin color, body type and that goes with the kind of place you are arranging photoshoot at. The outfit you choose should go with the background and ambience as well. Once the color is decided, move to the makeup. Keep it as subtle as possible. Kids already have beautiful facial features, excessive make up only hinders the actual beauty. Just do as is required and keep it natural. Accessorize minimally, unless it is necessary for a particular theme. Too much of anything isn’t very ideal. Go with natural and easy hairstyles that do not require going to salon or hair dresser. The more natural, the better.

Photography Tips for Cute Baby Contest

No matter how pretty your baby looks, if the photography isn’t up to the mark, all the efforts go in vain. There are some things to consider when you are planning for baby photoshoot. Firstly, consider the theme. If it is related to festivals, indoor shoots are the best. Using traditional theme related props, you can make it work very well. Even when it’s indoor shoot, look for spots with natural lightning. If the theme is related to environment, or if the theme is not specified, outdoor shoots are the best. Outdoor shoots provide the natural lightning required and the pictures automatically look beautiful. Even for outdoor shoots, you can use props if they add up to the aesthetic.

What are the Uses of Baby Photo Contests?

Baby photo contests allow you to win cash prizes and goodies but that’s not it. Some baby contests, may give your child opportunity to cast in baby advertisements, magazines, etc. Participating in such contests also improves the confidence in kids and parents. If you are looking for baby modelling, these contests serve as nice accomplishments in their profile.