Fun and Educational Games For Toddlers Play Time

Children majorly love 3 things – eat, play, sleep. If all these three go good, it’s a good day for them. After all, they are lucky enough to not have studies, adulting and other real life problems. Their world is small and simple. Play time can be very crucial for kids and toddlers. Besides having great amount of fun, they get to learn a lot through these games. While choosing games to play with toddlers, make sure to play meaningful games where they get to learn something. Here are a few fun and educational games for toddlers, Check them out and double the play time fun!

Fun and Educational Games for Toddlers

As a parent, it is a constant struggle to come up with interesting things to keep your children entertained. Playing games with children helps in bonding with them and at the same time allows you to educate them. Things children learn through games and fun activities stay longer in their memory. Here are some fun and educational games for toddlers you all can try.

1. Simon Says

Simon Says is a simple game where you give each other commands and perform those turn by turn. For example, you can say ‘Simon says punch your teddy’ and then your kid has to punch their soft toy. Play around and make the game fun and interesting for them. Make them do tasks like drinking water, picking up the toys into the box, etc. all while playing. They do feel it like a work when you make them do in their play time. Make the game fun by asking them to do funny dance moves or imitate an animal. You can have a lot of fun with this one.

2. Odd One Out

If you are looking for fun and educational games for toddlers, here’s one – finding the odd one out. Tell them names of few fruits with a flower in it or some animals with a bird name in it and so on. This is the easiest one for you and will make them use their brains. Ask them to frame similar questions for you as well. This way they’ll have to think hard to come up with odd one out questions for you which is a great brain exercise for them

3. One for You, One for Me

One for you, one for me is a game that majorly makes children understand the concept of sharing. Point any items such as books, fruits, toys, etc. and ask them to share those among the players equally. Ask them to name the fruits or flowers while they do that, even better. Sharing is something children learn in their early ages and this game is perfect for them to practice that.

4. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt is one of the fun and educational games for toddlers and one of the most interesting games for kids of any age. In this game you basically you give them a statement with certain attributes and they have to find an object that matches your description. Like you may ask them to pick something round and red, they can show a red round ball and so on. This game helps them to distinguish colors, shapes, etc. and improves their brain activity.

These are 4 fun and educational games for toddlers you all can try. You can also try games that involve physical activities, dance, etc. to make sure they have a good time. See which kind of games your child is enjoying the most and play more such games with them.