Skin care Tips for Babies – Toddlers

Babies have the most delicate skin. If you do not take good care of it, it may give your little one a hard time. And that is exactly the opposite of what we want as parents. Here are few simple skin care tips for babies that every parent can follow. These simple tips can prevent your baby’s skin from getting rashes, skin infections, or any kind of skin-related discomfort. Scroll to know more!

How do I take care of my toddlers skin?

As we’ve established earlier, babies have extremely sensitive skin and if you are taking care of it you have to be 10 times more careful than what you’d be in your case. They catch infections very quickly and are allergic to lot of things as compared to adults. Here are some skin care tips for babies. Check them out!

How can I improve my baby skin?

1. Say No to Frequent Baths

As a parent, It is natural to want to give them frequent baths to make sure they feel fresh and tidy. But this is where you are all wrong. Frequent bathing, especially ones using soaps, strips off natural oils from their skin. This leads to dry skin, irritation and may even increase the chances of skin infections. Fight the urge of wanting to give them bath frequently. If you want to really clean their mess, just wipe their body with a wet cloth and change into fresh clothes. That would do the job.

2. Change Diapers Timely

Itchiness and rashes are caused due to wet diapers staying in place for long hours. In order to avoid such difficulties, keep checking diaper in intervals and if you think it’s wet, change the diaper immediately. Particularly when your baby is sick, it is very important to make sure they are not in wet diapers as this can only worsen the illness. If you are someone who drops your kid with a caretaker, let them know the same. Checking diapers regularly is the simplest of skin care tips for babies.

3. Stay Away From Scented Products

As much as you want your babies to smell ridiculously good, scented baby products do more harm than good. Make sure to check baby products – powders, soaps, wipes, etc so that they do not contain artificial fragrances. Artificial scents and fragrances cause irritation to babies’ skin and may often even lead to rashes. The more you keep your babies away from them, the better it is for their skin and health.

4. Take Special Care of Their Clothes

Children’s clothes are to be washed separately and with great care. It is suggestible to wash kid’s clothes after soaking them for a while in hot/warm water to remove any germs present on the clothes. Use disinfectants like dettol, even better. Once the laundry is done, make sure to dry them in sun and not indoors. Besides drying them quickly, sun’s heat is great to kill any micro organisms present on the clothes.

How can I moisturise my toddler’s skin?

Baby Massage for skin care

Massage your baby’s face, hands, legs and body with baby oil before bath. Stretch their body parts a bit and make them do little exercises. This improves flexibility and the massage also helps in keeping their skin supple and moisturized. Make this a daily routine and have one-on-one time with your baby as you do this.

These are a few simple skincare tips for babies. Follow any or all of them according to what suits your baby’s skin. Tweak them and work them out in your own ways.